The Best Growing Manual for Producing Medical Marajuna

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Production of Medicinal Cannabis in Greenhouses is a well-written book employing peer-reviewed articles. This takes the misconceptions and hearsay out of growing Cannabis. The vast majority of the popular articles about Cannabis growing and varieties are filled with unconfirmed hearsay, misleading information and bad recommendations. This book is easy to use even for dummies. Medicinal Cannabis is distinct from Cannabis for recreational use. Medicinal Cannabis needed repeat-ability. In other words each crop has to give the exact same chemical profile (both Cannabanoids and terpenes). This is impossible with organic fertilizers. Peer-reviewed articles concerning the production of essential oils, both Cannabis and other species show by altering the fertilizer regime you get an altered chemical profile.

Reading this book provides scientific evidence for all the recommendations. The manual provides important background information for the production of Medicinal Cannabis in our greenhouses. A special chart was devised to provide the grower with the exact growing conditions he needs by week of production. The data is from peer-reviewed articles. Agro4pro produces mini professional greenhouses for multiple uses. They are strong and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

 Table of Contents.

  • Introduction. 

  • Terminology. 

  • History of Cannabis. 

  • Cannabis Anatomy. 

  • General Concepts. 

  • Alternatives to Organics. 

  • Synthetic vs Organic Fertilizers. 

  • Removing soil Contaminates. 

  • Organic Pesticides. 

  • Herbicides: 

  • Organic Fungicides. 

  • Diseases and Insect Pests. 

  • Principles of Plant Protection. 

  • Fungal Diseases. 

  • Gray Mold (Botrytis) 

  • Fusarium

  • Verticilium.

  • Bacterial Diseases.

  • Viruses. 

  • Insect Pests. 

  • Aphids and Ants. 

  • Red Spider Mites. 

  • Fungus Gnats. 

  • Whiteflies. 

  • Thrips. 

  • Caterpillars. 

  • Snails and slugs. 

  • Leaf miners. 

  • Borers. 

  • Nematodes. 

  • Nutrients: Deficiencies and Excesses. 

  • Organic Insecticides. 

  • Biological Control. 

  • Indicator Plants. 

  • Mycorrhiza. 

  • Tensiometers. 

  • Relative Humidity. 

  • CO2 

  • Growing Medicinal Cannabis.

  • Growing Mother Plants. 

  • Preparation of Clones. 

  • Lighting. 

  • Light Intensity. 

  • Abundant Light: 

  • LEDs. 

  • Electricity in the Greenhouse. 

  • Fertilizer Requirements.

  • Micronutrients. 

  • Organic Fertilizers. 

  • Renewal of Plants. 

  • Growth Media. 

  • Growing Methods. 

  • Traditional Organic Production. 

  • Weekly Checklist 

  • Calculating the CFM for your Greenhouse. 

  • Growing in vessels with artificial media. 

  • Hydroponics. 

  • Nutrient Film Technique. 

  • Aeroponics. 

  • References  

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